Employee of the Future

AI-enabled digital and virtual healthcare technologies will continue to make it easier for your employees to enroll in benefits, access providers, and take control of their health. Forward-thinking companies are looking at innovative programs — like portable “work from anywhere” benefits — as another way to attract and retain top talent.

  • a women on a mobile tablet devise looking at her digital health experience

    Personalized Digital Health

    My Highmark is a web and app experience for Highmark health plan members. Advanced digital tools combine health...

  • photo of a senior man at a doctors office

    Transition to Medicare

    Transitioning from employer-provided health care to Medicare is a rite of passage in the American workforce.

  • photo of a doctor talking to a patient

    AI and Data Analytics

    Data is the backbone of health care. From individual diagnoses to population health measures to coding and...

  • a little girl is on a laptop computer while the mother is busy working

    The Gender Gap

    When we talk about women at work, we often refer to gender gaps in pay and promotional opportunities.

  • a women in a wheel chair celebrating with her co workers

    Defining Workplace Diversity

    It seems like everyone has their own definition of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The more we discuss it, the...

  • Health Coaches

    Providing quality employee health benefits is just the beginning of taking good care of your people.

  • a diverse group of people sitting around a table chatting

    Foster an Inclusive Workplace

    Any conversation about inclusion needs to start with understanding what it is. Inclusion is about...

  • two young women having a conversation about health care

    Improving Health Literacy

    Health literacy is not a new idea. It’s been a national topic among health care providers, insurers, and government...

  • patient talking to a doctor in an office setting

    Diverse Workforce With Data

    Improving employee health outcomes comes down to data. Data is what informs evidence-based care, based on...

  • a young person writing on a paper tablet

    Millennial Health

    Millennials—they’re a generation that’s getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s easy to see why. According to the...

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